Ali Patterson Coaching

- Creating a life that excites you - 


I coach women who are successful but who feel unfulfilled.

My clients have all sorts of personal and professional goals – but each wants to connect with what is important to them, remove the blocks that hold them back, and become grounded in their authentic self.

The women I work with are hard working, motivated and want more for themselves. They are honest, passionate and thoughtful. They care about the legacy they leave in the world and want to live a life meaning and purpose. But, at the same time shoulds, perfectionism, self-doubt, fear and what-ifs hold them back from living the life they dream of.

Through my own coaching experience, I understand the value that a skilled and curious coach offers and believe that the best part of coaching is the wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness it draws out from each person.

Coaching is the time and space to dig deep to explore your own strengths and values and to understand the distractions, stories and tolerations that are holding you back. Coaching is taking time to discover who you are and how to be your authentic self. With this comes the clarity and confidence and the opportunity to create a life that excites you. 

There should be no shame, guilt, doubt or fear in wanting more for yourself. If you are ready to find your own path, write your own script, and create a life that excites you I’d love to talk to you.