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Almost daily our newspapers are flooded with headlines about our “weight crisis” and our “obesity epidemic”. What we actually have is a dieting crisis. We live in a society where there is an immense pressure to look a certain size and shape and, if we don’t fit that exact mould, that we should diet and change our bodies until we do. Sound familiar? Why as a society don’t we embrace body diversity?

I live on the Surf Coast and most days spend time at the beach where there are happy dogs of all shapes and sizes. Not once do I hear someone say that a Jack Russell is the wrong shape and should look like a Labrador, or that the Newfoundland needs to starve itself until it looks like a Greyhound – instead we respect that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and guess what, so do people!

Diets don't work. And here's the secret that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know –  it’s the diet that let’s you down;  you don’t fail, it’s not your fault! Countless research studies have shown that diets are unsustainable and, in most cases, once the person stops dieting they re-gain weight and usually become heavier than before they started. This sad reality most often leads to another diet and an endless, futile cycle continues.

My "why" - the reason I do what I do - is to create a generational change in the way that people relate to food and their bodies. The number on the scales does not define you as a person. That buzz in your head every time you think about food or glance a peek of yourself in a mirror - it doesn't have to be there. You are so much more than your weight, your body shape and your food choices, I promise.

What's the alternative? Throwing away scales, rulebooks and diet plans and instead focusing on choices that support your health and wellbeing. Reconnecting and learning to trust your body’s inner wisdom to guide you to eat flexibly, mindfully and without restriction.

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Sports Nutrition

I have years of experience helping some of the country’s top athletes achieve their goals. I have worked with athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport, Geelong and Carlton Football Clubs, Melbourne Rebels and Canberra Brumbies Rugby teams, Cricket New South Wales, the AFL Umpires and people just like you and me! 

I’ve helped people across a range of levels perform at their peak – elite and professional athletes; those training seriously for an event; those aiming to complete their first fun run; competitive teenagers; active mums; MAMILs; weekend warriors – of any age, from around the country, participating in all kinds of sports.

My passion lies in working with individuals chasing their own unique goal – I specialise in endurance and ultra endurance events, but whatever your sporting goal is, together we can achieve it.

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lifestyle nutrition  

I believe in a holistic approach to nutrition - no fads, just good wholesome food that nourishes your body. There are many reasons people come to see me, but just some include: 

  • Gut health
  • Food intolerances (including FODMAPS)
  • Vegan & vegetarian diets
  • Fatigue / low energy levels
  • Managing special dietary needs 
  • Correcting nutrient deficiencies (e.g. low iron levels)
  • Bone health (e.g. stress fractures)
  • Menstrual dysfunction