About Ali

Mindful eating, sports nutrition


In addition to being an Accredited Practising Dietitian (and Advanced Sports Dietitian), I'm also a Coach and member of the International Coach Federation. I have  years of experience helping people from all walks of life to achieve their goals.  Please don't let the word "Dietitian" deter you - I most certainly don't prescribe diets! I refuse to perpetuate the lie that we can control and re-shape our body, regardless of our genetics and biology and I am determined to create a generational change in the way that people relate to food and their bodies


What am I passionate about?

I love to help people to slow down, connect with, and trust their body to guide their eating choices. I don't believe in diets, rules, inflexible plans, weighing or measuring. In fact, the only time that I use a set of scales is when I'm chanelling my Grandma in the kitchen baking something delicious! 

I'm passionate about helping people to focus on choices that support health and wellbeing. To be curious instead of regimented. To feel more and think less. To reconnect and trust the body’s inner wisdom. To eat flexibly and mindfully without restriction, stress, anxiety or guilt. To rediscover the joy and pleasure of food.


What's my style?

I'm warm, nurturing and non-judgmental. I care deeply about you and your goals and get just as inspired and excited about your successes as you do. I live on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia - so I guess you can say my style is a bit...coastal!  Living here does that to you. It teaches you to stop and pause, slow down, enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine and the water. I have a wonderful husband who reminds me every day how abundant and full of joy life can be and a magnificent kelpie whose energy levels never cease to astound me (will I ever be able to run her out of beans!).  I’d love to say that I’m fascinating but really I’m not that different to you - a normal person juggling a busy lifestyle, family, social life and work commitments. I’m not about jargon or marketing spin - I'm about you, your goals and your successes. 



Lots of questions – I want to know all about you!!! I may have expertise in the science of nutrition; but YOU are the expert on you and your body. I believe that you have the solutions and I'll help you to find them. We'll always make sure that anything we do is sustainable for long-term success and I'll always encourage experimentation and curiosity to find the best options for you and your unique situation.


Am I qualified?

Sure am! These are a few of the qualifications I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Advanced Sports Dietitian, Sports Dietitians Australia
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Dietitians Association Australia
  • IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Distinction)
  • Australian Institute of Sport Gatorade Fellow 2010-2012
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Hons)

If you’d like to see some of the teams or organisations that I currently work with, or have previously consulted to, check out the logos below. I also do consult to the media on various nutrition topics.