About Ali


Despite being what everyone else would define as hugely successful, I was unhappy and unfulfilled. As a sports dietitian my career has taken me on around the country, working with some of the nation’s best professional and elite athletes, but something was missing. I had no idea what, but I knew conversations about food were just scratching the surface and I wanted to work with people on a deeper level.

I wanted more for myself. My heart knew that was time to stop following the path that I thought I was “supposed” to or that I “should”, but at the same time my ‘I’m not good enough’ story had me feeling stuck. Questions raced in circles in around mind -  What do I actually want? What if I fail? Who am I? What if it's not perfect? Where do I even start?

So, I decided to take a leap and formalise my coaching qualifications and hire my own coach. What I didn’t realise when I started this, was the powerful adventure of self-discovery that I was about to dive head first into. Through coaching, I discovered who I am at my core and now that I’m truly comfortable in my own skin I’ve never been more excited. I know that my story is not unique and it’s likely yours too.

My legacy is to inspire women to live thoughtful, connected and meaningful lives. I want to help create women who stand confident in who they are, put themselves first, have thriving businesses, more time for friends and family, better relationships, more travel and adventure, experience financial freedom, better health, direction, balance, abundance, laughter, fun, energy and motivation. Most of all, I want to help women to bring their passions and dreams to life.

On a personal note, I live on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia and love being in the fresh air, the sunshine and the ocean. I have a wonderful husband who reminds me every day how abundant and full of joy life can be and a magnificent kelpie pup called Lily whose energy never ceases to astound me! People always say we're lucky - but there’s no luck in it. We've made choices and committed to them. 

I am proud to say that I founded Patterson Coaching with my husband (who is also a Coach!) and am part of the Health Coaches International coach training school teaching faculty.

When I'm not coaching you'll find me running in the trails on an endless pursuit to run Lily out of energy, playing in the foam on a surfboard, or channelling my Grandma in the kitchen baking something delicious.



I just wanted to send this note to let you know how helpful I have found my sessions with you. Your gentle guidance and low-key approach has been refreshing and greatly appreciated. Your sensitive and sensible approach has helped me enormously. I can only hope that other people have the opportunity to work with you as well.  Loretta W, Entrepreneur
I feel the best I have in so long. I am so proud of the adventure so far, and the payment made tonight doesn't even come close to the amazing feelings I now have about myself, my body, and those around me. Thank you .. thank you .. and HUGE thank you for everything so far. Love your work, you are a true inspiration and support!  Cate O, Business Professional 
So lovely lovely Ali. Thank you so much for all that you have done. Seeing you has helped me on a number of different levels and I am so grateful. You really made a huge difference. Lisa V, Business Professional


These key points best summarise my coaching philosophy:

  • Coaching is a thought provoking process that inspires people to maximise their potential
  • Coaching has no power dynamic - we work as a partnership 
  • All of my clients are creative, resourceful and capable - they have immense wisdom within, I help to draw this out
  • My clients know what's best for them - they are the experts in their life 
  • Nobody needs to be ‘fixed’ – coaching is not a remedial activity, we look forward 
  • Coaching is the time and space for my clients to focus on themselves and their ambitions. As a coach, my role is to:
    • Assist my clients to look forward, drawing on their wisdom, insights, strengths, values and experiences in the process
    • Discover, clarify and align with what my clients want to achieve through questions and observations
    • Encourage my clients to expand their awareness through a process of self-discovery - recapturing a natural state of curiosity
    • Support my clients to be curious; to feel more and think less; and to trust their inner wisdom and strengths to guide their path
    • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies while being a sounding board to help facilitate thinking
    • Hold my client accountable where needed, while encouraging a stronger level of self-responsibility




  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Advanced Sports Dietitian, Sports Dietitians Australia
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Dietitians Association Australia
  • IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Distinction)
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Hons)