Why a weight goal misses the point

Without doubt, the majority of people who pick up the phone and call me have a weight goal in mind (even when they know that I don’t support diets or weight loss goals - such is the lure and seductiveness of the diet industry). I need to be honest and upfront, I will not make any promises about where your natural weight will settle – I know that this can be tough to hear, but I refuse to perpetuate the lie that we control and re-shape our body, regardless of our genetics and biology.

Why I don't believe in diets

Sadly, our society and dieting culture persuades us that we need to control and manipulate our body rather than embrace our authentic self. There is an immense pressure to look a certain size and shape and, if we don’t fit that exact mould that we should diet and change our bodies until we do. There is a constant, unrelenting pressure to conform and strive to look like the photo-shopped and airbrushed image that we see splashed on magazines, ads and clogging our social media feeds (don't even get me started on 'fitspo'!).