Coached by Nature

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better
— Albert Einstein


Nature is a huge part of who I am and what I value. It inspires, calms, and energises me. It gives flow to my mind and wisdom to my thinking. Coaching in nature takes things to a whole new level of awareness and even deeper opportunity for self discovery. 

Just like regular phone coaching, what we focus on in each nature coaching session will depend on you, your experiences, your challenges and your ambitions. We'll explore your strengths and values, unlock new awareness, understand areas for growth and remove distractions, stories and tolerations that hold you back. 

As your coach I will come to our sessions without judgement or agenda. I will listen, ask questions, offer observations and give you space to think and feel. I’ll be your sounding board and will encourage you to be curious and explore all possibilities so that you can discover what you’re capable of when you’re the best version of yourself.

My top values are love and honesty and I will bring these to every session we have together. Personal growth and change is thought provoking and can be challenging – I’ll bring a supportive energy to our sessions so that you feel inspired to think and create. We’ll have fun too!!



  • Nature has a way of giving a calm and mindful focus to your body and mind - the peace and space that coaching in nature offers allows you to connect more closely to your body allowing a natural flow between the physical and emotional 
  • Being in nature gives you the opportunity to create metaphors, or see symbols, that you may not have thought of in the confines of the indoors - these open up new perspectives, different patterns of thinking and new awareness
  • When you are immersed in nature, it is impossible to ignore how expansive the world is - possibility and options open up with ease. Research has shown that walking can increase creative inspiration by up to 60% compared to sitting
  • The brain works best when it's moving - movement allows more oxygen to flow around the body, including to the brain, helping thoughts to flow more easily. Movement also help the brain to make new connections and create stronger connections with memory  
  • Attention is a limited resource. When we give our attention to something, we are not giving it to something else - when we give our attention to the present moment in nature, we are liberated from the busy-ness of our day-to-day lives freeing up the brain's capacity to think and create
  • A growing body of research is showing that spending time in green spaces can rejuvenate the mental resources that man-made environments deplete
  • Regular walking has been shown to improve mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety


Coached by nature individual sessions: 

Bringing your ideal self to life requires time and a commitment to regular sessions for ongoing growth to keep you moving forward.

We'll initially work together over a minimum of three or six months with 2 individual coaching sessions per month.

Each session will be a walk and talk style - we'll meet at a beautiful spot along the Surf Coast and allow ourselves to be inspired, calmed and energised by the natural beauty around us. If the weather is wet, we can rug up or we can switch to a phone coaching session.   

Program Fees

  • 2 coaching sessions per month $475 incl GST per month, minimum 3 months
  • 10% discount when payment for 6 months coaching paid in advance 


Coached by nature Group sessions: 

These sessions run once per month and take place at a beautiful location along the Surf Coast. With an intimate group of up to 6 people, over 3-4 hours you'll have the opportunity to focus on exactly what it is you need to while being inspired, calmed and energised by nature - plus you'll have the added support of a great bunch of people around you to bounce ideas off. 

You don't need to be super fit and we'll stop for breaks, but a reasonable level of fitness to walk comfortably for the majority of session is required.

Program fee:

$225 per person, including snack