Coaching for health and wellbeing

Coaching is a true partnership - you are the expert on your body, not me. As your coach I will come to our sessions without judgement or agenda. I will listen, give you space to think and feel, and be your sounding board. I’ll encourage you to be curious and to experiment so that you can explore all possibilities and the pathway to live the life that you desire.

I don’t believe in diets or weight goals so you won’t get any form of meal plan, diet plan or calorie counting guide and there will definitely be no scales or measuring of your body or your food - I refuse to perpetuate the lie that we can control and re-shape our body, regardless of our genetics and biology (if you want to know why read more here).

What we focus on each session will depend on you, your experiences and your challenges. At the end of our work together you will have tapped in to your inner wisdom to discover new awareness, clarity and inspiration for lasting change and growth.

What you can expect from our time together:

This is how much I love coaching and how excited I get seeing people succeed! 
  • Clarity of your path to health and wellness
  • Clear actions to achieve your goals from new insights & awareness
  • More confidence to make decisions from a stronger connection to your head, heart and gut
  • Less stress, anxiety and guilt
  • Less over-thinking and second-guessing
  • Better presence and trust in your body’s wisdom (no more reliance on others) to guide your path to health
  • A renewed sense of control & focus on your personal success
  • More mindfulness, fun and enjoyment in your life
  • More self-compassion and less self-judgement  
  • Better energy levels
  • Less bloating and improved gut health
  • Peace with your body, food and eating
  • Accountability, motivation and inspiration to live the life that you desire