Coaching Philosophy


I was once asked to describe myself as a coach in a visual sense - that was an easy one to answer. A tree. Why? Because trees have an incredibly solid trunk and stand strong and anchored to the ground no matter how hard the wind is blowing, rain is falling or sun is shining - they're reliable. This is how I intend to be as a coach - stable, strong and reliable; anchored to your goals - no matter what is going on around.

These key points best summarise my coaching philosophy:

  • Coaching is creative and thought provoking - we'll use these to maximise your potential
  • Coaching has no power dynamic - we work as a partnership and I come with no agenda or expectations 
  • All of my clients are creative, resourceful and capable - they have immense wisdom within, I help to draw this out
  • My clients know what's best for them - they are the experts in their life 
  • Nobody needs to be ‘fixed’ – coaching is not a remedial activity and is not therapy, we look forward 
  • Coaching is the time and space for my clients to focus on themselves and their ambitions. As a coach, my role is to:
    • Assist my clients to look forward, drawing on their wisdom, insights, strengths, values and experiences in the process
    • Discover, clarify and align with what my clients want to achieve through questions and observations
    • Encourage my clients to expand their awareness through a process of self-discovery - recapturing a natural state of curiosity
    • Support my clients to be curious; to feel more and think less; and to trust their inner wisdom and strengths to guide their path
    • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies while being a sounding board to help facilitate thinking
    • Hold my client accountable where needed, while encouraging a stronger level of self-responsibility