Health Coaching

People who wait for a magic wand fail to see that THEY are the magic wand.
— Thomas Leonard

what is health coaching?

Each person has their own version of health. For most of my clients, the healthiest version of themselves includes quality time with friends and family, connected relationships, financial freedom, physical health, direction, balance, space to breathe, fresh air, good food, laughter, fun, energy and motivation.  But, at the same time, stress, anxiety, confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-judgment, critical thinking, motivation, financial pressures, responsibility, identity, overwhelm, juggling ambitions and prioritising others holds them back from becoming the healthiest version of themselves. They know that to bring the healthiest version of themselves to life, they need to tackle more than just physical health.   

Health coaching is a holistic way of creating optimal wellbeing by getting clear on who you are when you are your healthiest and removing the barriers that stand in the way of achieving this. Unlike traditional health care approaches where you are told what you 'should' do, health coaching instead views you as the expert. Coaching provides the time and space for you to give you full attention to you and your ambitions. Through this focussed attention your brain can learn, connect the dots, see new perspectives, and be creative – the ideal scenario for creating sustainable and meaningful change. 

As your coach I'll help you to connect with what is most important to you so that you can design your life in a way that optimises your own health. Together we'll develop the behaviours, knowledge and skills you need and, with greater self-belief, focus and clarity, you will be motivated and confident to create the healthiest version of yourself – physically and emotionally, and in an environment that supports optimal wellness. 


what you can expect from our time together:

What we focus on in each coaching session will depend on you, your experiences, your challenges and your ambitions. We'll explore your strengths and values, unlock new awareness, understand areas for growth and remove distractions, stories and tolerations that hold you back. I will come to our sessions without judgement or agenda. I will listen, ask questions, offer observations and give you space to think. I’ll be your sounding board and will encourage you to be curious so that you can discover what you’re capable of when you’re the best version of yourself.

My top values are love and honesty and I will bring these to every session we have together. Personal growth and change is thought provoking and can be challenging – I’ll bring a supportive energy to our sessions so that you feel inspired to think and create. We’ll have fun too!!

Some of the many things that people get from coaching with me include:

  • A renewed focus, passion and motivation to create the life you desire
  • Clarity, confidence and self-belief - no more over-thinking, second-guessing or being stuck
  • Clear vision and commitment around the big decisions in your life
  • Your best self - abundant, present, healthy and happy 
  • A greater sense of control, balance and enjoyment - less anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • An authentic and meaningful life - aligning your vision, values and purpose to who you are at your core
  • Confidence to make decisions and take action - more productive, organised and focused
  • Personal empowerment and less self-judgement or criticism
  • Greater influence and impact on others
  • Inspiration within yourself and to those around you
  • More time for exercise, eating well, family, friends and fun
  • Accountability and support to bring your healthiest self life


how we work together:

Bringing the healthiest version of yourself to life requires time and a commitment to regular sessions for ongoing growth to keep moving forward. All sessions are done by phone for greater comfort and confidentiality. All programs include unlimited email contact between sessions for additional support and accountability to bring your goals to life. I have also created a list of responses to FAQ - click here to read more.


  • 2 x coaching sessions per month
  • $375 per month, minimum 3-months
  • 10% discount when payment for 3 months coaching paid in advance 


  • 1 x coaching session per month
  • $195 per month, minimum 6-months
  • 10% discount when payment for 6 months coaching paid in advance


  • 6 x sessions, spaced at intervals that suit you
  • $1350 upfront payment