Health Coaching 

Health is a state of wellbeing where a person is at their physical and emotional best, in an environment that supports optimal wellness
— Ali Patterson

Each person has their own version of health. But for most of my clients, the healthiest version of themselves includes quality time with friends and family, connected relationships, financial freedom, physical health, direction, balance, space to breathe, fresh air, good food, laughter, fun, energy and motivation. My clients know that only once they are doing good for themselves, can they also do good for others.

But, at the same time, stress, anxiety, confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-judgment, critical thinking, motivation, financial pressures, responsibility, identity, overwhelm, juggling ambitions, prioritising others and putting themselves last have held them back from becoming the healthiest version of themselves. They know that to bring the healthiest version of themselves to life, they need to tackle more than just physical health.   

Health coaching is a holistic way of creating optimal wellbeing by getting clear on who you are when you are your healthiest and removing the barriers that stand in the way of achieving this. Unlike traditional health care approaches where the health care provider ‘tells’ the client what they should be doing, health coaching instead views the client as the expert. As your coach I'm a facilitator to allow you to connect with what is most important to you and design your life in a way that optimises your own health. Coaching provides time and space for you to give you full attention to your ambitions and, through this undistracted attention and awareness, your brain can focus, learn, connect the dots, see new perspectives, and be creative – the ideal scenario for creating sustainable and meaningful change.

As your coach all my attention is solely focused on you, your challenges and your goals. We work as a team to shine a light on what is important to you and to develop the behaviours, knowledge and skills you need to make positive, meaningful and sustainable change. Through discovery, inspiration, self-belief, focus and clarity you will become self-motivated and confident to design and live a health promoting lifestyle that best suits you and your unique situation. In doing so you will discover how to be the healthiest version of yourself – physically and emotionally, in an environment that supports optimal wellness.

Through the support, accountability, focused time and space that coaching offers, the people I work with:

  • Feel less anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or emotionally drained
  • Sleep better and are more energised, fitter and healthier
  • Have a better work/life balance with more time for friends, family and fun
  • Have a clear direction for their future and clarity for how to bring this reality
  • Grow their self-worth and confidence with more self-belief than ever before
  • Rediscover their passions and what they really want and need in life
  • Feel a greater sense of control over what they are creating for themselves
  • Connect with who they are at their core, their identity is no longer a mystery
  • Feel liberated and confident to be their authentic self and live authentically
  • Are empowered to explore new things and ideas, with less second guessing
  • Have less tolerations and know when to say yes, no or ask for help
  • Find what motivates them, and how to stay motivated
  • Create ample time and opportunity to exercise, eat well, and have fun
  • Know they are on the right path in their career and personal lives
  • Are more productive, organised and focused
  • Are less distracted and more present – quality time is normal
  • Rediscover their own wisdom and creativity
  • Feel appreciated, relaxed and happy