Sport Nutrition Consulting

I have years of experience helping some of the country’s top athletes achieve their goals. I have worked with athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport, Geelong and Carlton Football Clubs, Melbourne Rebels and Canberra Brumbies Rugby teams, Cricket New South Wales, the AFL Umpires and people just like you and me! 

I’ve helped people across a range of levels perform at their peak – elite and professional athletes; those training seriously for an event; those aiming to complete their first fun run; competitive teenagers; active mums; weekend warriors – of any age, from around the country, participating in all kinds of sports. I’m also a specialist in mindful eating and the non-diet approach and can help you fuel and nourish your active body without dieting.

I have a special interest in nutrition for endurance and ultra-endurance events having helped countless athletes be successful for events such as Ironman, Half-ironman/70.3, Ultra-marathon, Surf Coast Century, Oxfam 100, Three Peaks, Great Ocean Road Marathon, Melbourne Marathon, Half-marathon events as well as others. 


some of the things I regularly help people with are:

This is how much I love coaching and how excited I get seeing people succeed! 
  • Boosting energy to perform better in training, work or life
  • Feeling stronger and fitter during training
  • Recovering better between training sessions  
  • Managing special dietary needs or food intolerances
  • Returning to training more quickly after injury
  • Easing anxiety around nutrition, food and weight
  • Gut health
  • Bone issues (e.g. stress fractures)
  • Menstrual irregularities 
  • Planning what to eat and drink during training or an event 
  • Pre-event carb loading plans
  • Understanding and choosing supplements
  • Fuelling an active, busy family
  • Helping kids get through busy training weeks and carnivals
  • Achieving a PB or goal time for an event
  • Whatever your goal, together we can achieve it.

After a detailed discussion about your nutrition, training, lifestyle and goals, we’ll get started on some strategies to get you on the path to success. If you are training for a specific event it’s great if we can meet early in your preparation so that we can trial various nutrition strategies in training. But it’s never too late – it’s always better to have a plan rather than wing it on event day!